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On The Road Show Ep. 107: Success Principles Monday (Week 2)

In this episode, we discuss a few more Success Principles from Jack Canfield's book of the same name. I've found each of these to be extremely helpful in my life and I hope they do the same for you. Enjoy!



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On The Road Show Ep. 106: 3 Mindsets of Highly Successful People

You could say that the successful people in this world think just a little differently than the unsuccessful right? Well, in this episode we discuss 3 mindsets that successful people use to stay focused and keep moving towards the next goal, that the unsuccessful people just don't. Want to know what those mindsets are? Listen, and enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 105: Values That MUST Stay Important In Order To Win In LIfe

You could value any number of things in life. In this episode, we discuss some values that have gone by the wayside (at least according to me) and why they're important enough to stick around. These values are important, and will help you win more often than they won't. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 104: 4 Ways To Become Unstoppable.

In this episode, we discuss 4 ways you can learn to become unstoppable. We all would like to feel more confident and powerful in our lives, isn't it true? There are mindsets and behaviors that go along with that feeling. We discuss just a few in this particular show. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 103: The Three A’s of Every Successful Interaction

In nearly every interaction, there are three A's that can be found. What are they? Why are they "A's"? In this episode, we look at each of them in depth and find ways that you can communicate more effectively because of them. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 102: Success Principles Monday

In this episode, we discuss a few of the Success Principles covered in Jack Canfield's book. This book is so thorough in it's approach that it's going to take quite a while to get through. In that case, we're going to cover a few principles every Monday to work through the book. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 101: 5 Habits For More Joy In Your Life

I recently read an article on Medium called "5 Habits That Are Sucking Joy From Your Life" or something along those lines. What I decided to do was to turn those habits on their head and make them positive. This way, you can implement them rather than worry about what to "stop" doing. Enjoy!


On The Road Show EPISODE 100: Speaking Clearly (Anniversary Edition)

In this episode, we go back to our roots and revisit the topic of episode number 1. I did this because I know plenty of people have not heard my earliest episodes, but the points I made are still beneficial. So after 100 episodes, I wanted to revisit the idea of Speaking Clearly. This is the result. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 99: Lesson Learned From “Be Obsessed or Be Average”

In this episode, we discuss the lessons I was able to pull from the book "Be Obsessed or Be Average" by Grant Cardone. We discuss the idea of obsessions being a good thing, Feeding the beast and the fact that it's OK to want it all. Enjoy!


On The Road Show Ep. 98: The 7 Steps to Transition From Amateur to Pro (Part 2)

In this episode, we cover the 3 remaining steps to help you transition mentally from an amateur to a professional. I don't hold back in either of these episodes, and the points covered are spot on. If you'd like to read the original article, you can check it out here: